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First suggestion: switch this movie category to Experimental, this will help you to get less "low scores" because Informative is actually fitted to tutorials and didactic videos more than showcases... we had the same problem on our Le Cronache [Pre-Alpha] trailer.

Overall yours is a good work but... about the models I would try to smooth them, too "squared" for my taste, and I may suggest you to work a bit more on the bones influence area (around knees and elbows will give also a wider/more natural bending radius)... then there's that glitch occurring to the girl's shirt texture, though I can't help you in that since we never used textures.

Hope this will help you through, and best of luck for your career in 3D CGi.
Massimiliano Ciullo - CIULLO CORPORATION

Deeply remembers those toons from my childhood, and I'm sure to remember Claw as a Pirate Captain from a 1999 platform game... very neat animations and nice story.

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

A good job, considering the deadlines too!

The machine remembers me from that cartoon, Ferngully...

HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks dude! I never heard of Ferngully! Just looked it up and I can totally see what you mean haha. Interesting that lots of comparisons have also been made between Ferngully and James Cameron's Avatar. I was actually mostly inspired by a particular episode of Thunderbirds when it came to the machine. There was an early episode where this gigantic logging machine loses control and goes on a destructive path through Brazil. I always like my animations to be set in an interesting location, so I based it around that

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Nice nostalgic one... but I must agree it's a bit too fast (though at least I didn't hit the wall because my connection fault).

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Cyberdevil responds:

Noted. Thanks for the review!

That has a quite "nostalgic" feeling.

Graphically it is nice and also the background story is well rendered, the gameplay (if you choose to try save the whole earth) is a bit repetitive but the messages from peoples on the surface makes it worth the round.

It's a good concept, and I hope it could be developed further.

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

I'm not really a fan of racing games and this is a rather simple game, both in graphics and dynamics... but I think it may deserve a round.

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

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Cool theme!

Be4tyMu5ic responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

I like the base and the beat of the lyric... great work!

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Cyberdevil responds:

Simple and concise feedback. :) Thanks!

Nice work... thought hip-hop definitely isn't my genre, that's a good song.
Keep it up!

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks again! :)

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Mmh, I guess someone will find this "politically uncorrect" too... for example: among all colors, why did you choose black?!

Cyberdevil responds:

Was wondering when someone would comment on that. :) Always something!

Very good... I once seen a glass artisan at work and that's the way it looked!

AlecsArtist responds:

Thank you! Same, I have seen how is made the glass when I was in a trip in Paris.

Very colorful... and best wishes to you too!

AlecsArtist responds:

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!

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