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A good job, considering the deadlines too!

The machine remembers me from that cartoon, Ferngully...

HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks dude! I never heard of Ferngully! Just looked it up and I can totally see what you mean haha. Interesting that lots of comparisons have also been made between Ferngully and James Cameron's Avatar. I was actually mostly inspired by a particular episode of Thunderbirds when it came to the machine. There was an early episode where this gigantic logging machine loses control and goes on a destructive path through Brazil. I always like my animations to be set in an interesting location, so I based it around that

This is a good 3D... up to the standards, indeed.

It's very luminous, and that gives a strong "cartoon" feeling, and the meshes are neat (though the kid is quite off proportion, and I don't really "understand" the figures marching towards the end) but the animations still feels a bit stiff: some movements ends too abruptly.

The water reflection effect at the beginning is a masterwork, but the sharp line between water and earth draw the attention... music is great.

Overall a nice work,
Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Black-Crystal responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review :)

The figures marching scene is part of a dream/fantasy scenario that the boy has. It reflects the boy's imagination. The stiffness is on purpose :)

The water scene is inspired by a real pond especially the colors and the little leaves floating on top of it. I am glad that you like it.

You can listen more to her music but sadly she deleted her soundcloud.

Well, if this is your first (or second) official animation I feel you've a lot of potential.

If you ever want to "expand" your website with a link exchange section feel free to contact us too!

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

JaviJavi responds:

thaaaaaannnnkkkkssss :) i appreciate it man !

Though I share the core idea of your animation, and I'm really sick of minions and other "high royalty" vapid characters infesting every brand (from socials to t-shirts) at the end you made another silly fan movie about the franchise you said to despise... in my opinion the best way to "let them die" is starting to completely ignore them.

Apart of this, it's good to see there's still someone who isn't totally unbrained by those brands.

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

Lambtaco responds:

I wouldn't say I despise the franchise. It's more I hate that it's everywhere. Especially those poor quality jpegs with minions and unrelated text. They actually physically hurt.

I suppose this does add to the overall presence of minions, but it's a drop in the bucket, and if it gives people catharsis, I'd say it's okay. We can ignore them when the marketing blitz is over.

Not bad, we used to play that game too (though we found quite annoying the hyper-limited use of gods' powers)... but I guess it may fit better the "Comedy - Parody" category instead of "Comedy - Original".

WooleyWorld responds:

I read that in a really monotone, fun-sucking voice.
But yes I'll switch it over now. Thank you.

Well, it's a bit confusing... looks like just a showcase of comic characters but the graphic is good. It would be nice to see how it evolve...

stormkill responds:

you got it right. it is a into in progress. but the first new upload is coming soon. my first animated cartoon short. sort of like the mtv animation back in the day. :)

Well... I love Worms series. They're too fun!

Patcoola responds:

long live Worms

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