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Welcome to 2016

Posted by Ciullo-Corporation - January 1st, 2016

Best wishes for the new year!


2015 has been a rough but positive year: we both reached many "social goals", though still no one joined our contests or the Christmas Rush (still 5 days to go, by the way), and discovered new solutions to improve our work and website.

The best moments of the past year surely were when this awkward community "tributed" our effords with the first 50 fans, the second run at the #TSMMF and receiving a mail inviting us to expose our project in Hong Kong... there were still few "feats" we would have been happy to achieve before December 31st, but...

Now it is 2016, and we're waiting just to amaze you!


Creativity is our work, bringing dreamworlds to life our Passion!

the Ciullo Corporation staff

Comments (6)

Good luck and all the best in all your projects!

Thank you... Best wishes to you too!

Thank you!Any big plans for this year?

Oh, well... publish STAR QUORK's first playable demo and a mini-game, finish the translations of our first self-published book and complete (at least) the other two poems' collections, make a couple of videos longer than 15 minutes (if not a real movie already)...

Any plan of yours?

Have a good one...

Best wishes to you too!

Wow,that's a list!Mine has only two things:Schools and exams...

They're quite big too!

Best of luck for your 2016!

I think it's marvellous that you're getting some well-deserved exposure for your work. You seem like a determined team with ambitious projects.

Random question: what modelling software and game engine program do you use? I'm currently developing something in Unity with 3DS Max as the modelling tool. The feeling of getting AI to attack properly and doors to open and animate gives one a huge feeling of accomplishment.

Your artwork involving all these fantastical and mythical creatures is quite bizarre in some areas, but very interesting. They're the kind of weird and wonderful monsters that you'd see in the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and similar games.

I hope this year will be a prosperous one for the Ciullo Corporation team. Keep it up, people!

Thank you, and good luck for your work too.

Actually we're using Hexagon 2.5 for modeling, Carrara 8 for animating and rendering and then Torque3D as engine.

Oh, well... not really even played a TES game but we got our "good times" through titles like HoMM, DOOM, Heretic and Lands of Lore to end up with C&C, Age of Wonders, ADVENT Rising and OverLord.

Thanks and I hope to see more of your work!

Sure, no problem... and if you don't mind to follow us, it would be great too!