Trieste Mini Maker Faire - The day after...

2014-05-18 12:02:14 by Ciullo-Corporation

Yesterday was a GREAT day!!!

8 hours of exhibition, countless people hanging around our "little poor stand" (just my old laptop and two even older sketch-books) and thousands of hand-written business card (I can barely remember the last time I wrote so much... others exhibitors had some wondrous 3D printers, while us... well, I kinda performed the "Human Printer") distributed.

Good, since (as obvious) many of you couldn't have reached Trieste here's some of the things you've missed ;)

The first episode of NANI ROGNOSI (Mangy Dwarves) has been projected in exclusive for the event and it's now available on our network

From our archives, it returns to life an old short action-movie project called FUORI IN 30 MINUTI (OUT IN 30 MINUTES) and here's a title screen sample

PLUS - Real-time update - after Space-O-Matic since today also our very first series Bifolchi! and our newest Nani Rognosi have their own FaceBook fan-pages... and do not forget to "LIKE" our official Main Page


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2014-05-19 15:03:30

Hmm, what I'm wondering most right now is... how did you manage to make the La Donna dagli Occhi Verdi ed altri racconti gray through the TinyMCE editor? :O All those business cards (was about to write credit cards lmao...) did you have those written up in advance, or actually write them during the day, as you gave them away? That's a lot of cards! Glad to read it went well. The dwarf episode was good fun; that preview intro was pretty neat. Imagine a sound effect of a crash though!

(Updated ) Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Eheh, I'm full of surprises :D
But I really don't know, I set it bold and then applied the link... and it went out gray.

We went there totally un-prepared to such a result, I'd even not had a clean sketchbook with me to write the cards (fortunately, they gave us a big paperblock at the in-place registration point)... I wrote them at the moment, trying my best to keep up to the people coming to the stand, and that's also why we didn't have so many photos of the event. As I said, while other exhibitors had 3D printer, Ciullo Corporation shown its own "Human Printer" :)

Thanks, glad you like it.

I think that the second video is about two years old, scratching the archives has produced quite a bit of raw material, even something I'd believed lost forever...


2014-05-20 10:06:36

Ah, it's a mystery then! Interesting. Looking at the code, it looks just like a normal link too, no styling or anything. Really strange...

Haha, what an adventure! I looked at the pictures too btw (guess it was only the three after that cover image?), not many but good ones. One of you, one of the fair, one of the aftermath. :P


Ciullo-Corporation responds:

You guess right, although we shown also some images from the other projects... plus some sketches and drawings from my past of illustrator.

My brother manage to take out from a video another "usable" picture, but for now it's only on FB... I'm working like hell to update the site!

Maybe the next time we'll be better organized ;)


2014-05-21 03:52:14


Woo, don't give up! Don't cave in under that unbearable stress and paranormal pressure! :P

The fair next year?

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

That's sure... but perhaps we're in luck and manage to enter into another 3 days event before the end of year!

I just guess we should start the video to announce a delay in the MUSS Cause movie shipping period...


2014-05-21 05:25:44

Hope so!