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About us...

2013-10-08 03:48:10 by Ciullo-Corporation

Hi to all,

we're two (really), we're new, we're self-taught, we're making from scratch all our models and we're NOT using textures... so stop searching textures on our work, please!

P.S.: if there's any untranslated term in descriptions it's due to author choice


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2013-10-08 07:18:25

I have been meaning to get around to critiquing your work ever since you popped up in the art forum the other day, I have just been very busy as of late. so I'll try and generalize here.
Some of the biggest flaws in all your work is lack of textures, proper lighting and lack of thorough rendering.
These three things are something you really need to improve on to help take your work to the next level.
You should also start modeling from scratch and ditch prebuilt models as much as possible. Doing this will give you a much greater feel for your machine and the 3d environment.

In your animations, much of your movement is choppy and stiff. Work on some animation exercises and practice the 12 rules of Animation. You'll be surprised how much they help.
Work on your composition and camera movement as well, like in the beginning ofyour latest movie, you fly the camera across the room . it looks, bad.
Try just cutting to the other side of the room after you shoe the character approaching the other side and etc.

It takes time, but 3d is super fun. so keep at it and you'll get it.

(Updated ) Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thank you.

Although you're right I wish to tell you those videos are anyway old, I'm gradually publishing them also here... as we got the render/animation program from about one year we're still working on lightning setting and correct set of influence areas of rigging nodes... for camera's movements we're just experimenting, trying to get a more smooth progression.

These are first test, practice videos of complex animation we started to make just this year on April...

I've been told to use textures because "there's many things you can do without"... hope you are not of the same advice, but as we just got the PRO version of animation/render program with 3D painting included we've just started to re-map the dynamic hairs and some make-up elements.

Model by scratch?! Hope you're joking... I've already done them from scratch, and remake them from nothing after several crashes of my PCs.


2013-10-08 07:42:54

Yeah model from scratch.
It mean building and rigging all your characters from a single polygon. You'll have far more control building your own than using anything downloaded from some site.

Stock characters are fine for practice, but you really gotta get some built for your actual animation. Have your 3d modeler make you some new models and rigs.
And you really will need to get textures eventually. once you start using them, you'll wonder how you ever got along with out them.

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Ooh... I'm honored that people still think that my models can come from a stock but, hey... that's getting annoying!

WE DO NOT USE STOCK MODELS... God, what the hell are you all thinking about?!
I've personally build the base human merging an modeling basic geometrical shapes (cube, sphere, cilinder) and all the other creatures, plus the space-ship, the racing cars and the fortress. Just watch the Oktan or the Shewkaul (respectively, the octopus-like monster and the 4 legged lizard-kin from last movie) and tell me how the hell could have them being from a stock morph?!
We're rigging and animating our own models since when we start our YouTUBE channel.

Perhaps I'm doing this from less than you, but I know textures and for my first models I even textured them... and I tell you, I'm wondering why I've used them.


2013-10-08 11:46:28

Hello there! Welcome to NG! Great stuff! And who have I been talking to via PM? :O

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thank you!

The elder brother, Massimiliano :)


2013-10-08 13:49:26

Good to know. Who's now responding to comments? :P

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Always the elder brother... I'm incaricated of this branch of the network.


2013-10-08 14:17:53

Ah, good to know, Massimiliano!


2013-10-08 14:28:36

calm down, no need to be offended. I had my reasons for assuming you were using stock models. I was just trying to be nice is all.

But perhaps, you should practice your modeling a bit trying to assemble your models from shapes alone won't yield very good results. But everyone has to start somewhere.
It would be really interesting to see some of your bare models and rigs. You should post them up in the art forum for some critique.

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

I am calm... and not offended, but tired.

They are already bare models... if anyone just stop seeking textures, and thinking "with all their good reasons" we're using stock materials, they will see them.

I don't think I get the sense of your second statement... I'm not trying anything, I'm doing it.


2013-10-08 14:58:17

My second statement is an invitation to return to the Newgrounds Art Forum and get more feedback on your work.
You seemed to make the one post and then never returned. You should stick around there, the people there will help you out a lot, you just got to be persistent.
so drop on by my friend.

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thanks, then... but, as you certainly can assume, I've a lot of work to attend.

Two posts, one in the General Forum to introduce me and my brother and one into the Art Forum, I'm here from only a week and I think it was best submit my work first (consider that on dA it took me a month before joining their forum).
BUT, even if I'm really able to manage multiple things, I can't always be "on the watch"... my main "quest" is to build the models and write the stories (Bifolchi! and Space-o-Matic don't count... they're animation test), that's why I'm not "sticked" on the forum.


2013-10-12 13:00:38

You should use textures. It make them more realistic with less polygon. And first read some anathomy :/ No offense it's just tips

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

I'm a medic...